Spatialytics at the first @OpenGeo Global Partner Network meeting, before @FOSS4G 2011

Luc Vaillancourt

Spatialytics has been the first partner in the growing network of OpenGeo Partners, back in June 2010! We will always remember those welcoming words by Paul Ramsey, on OpenGeo’s blog :

Not as exciting as our first kiss, but still pretty exciting: our first OpenGeo re-seller is Spatialytics in Quebec.

Anyway, we are pretty excited too by this partnership and their first Global Partner Network meeting in Denver, the day before FOSS4G begins.

Spatialytics and OpenGeo

Spatialytics is a reseller of the OpenGeo Suite – Enterprise Edition in the province of Quebec.

Spatialytics have a deep knowledge of the software/technologies composing the Suite :

  • PostGIS is our Spatial DBMS/Data warehouse of choice for our SOLAP Server GeoMondrian;
  • PostGIS is very well supported (Input / output) by our Spatial ETL GeoKettle.

At Spatialytics, we mainly develop in Java on the server-side and in Javascript on the client-side… so we like OpenGeo a lot. It is what I call a “technology affiliation”… capital for that king of partnership.

OpenGeo also recognizes Spatialytics for its GeoBI expertise on their « Business Solutions » webpage :

Embrace business intelligence. The OpenGeo Suite is the geospatial backbone of choice that the Spatialytics GeoBI Suite uses to provide robust location-based analytics to support business decisions with spatial information.

We can’t wait to see Chris, Eddy and Paul again, get to know more the OpenGeo staff and meet with all their partners!

PS: Here on the picture, we can see Paul Ramsey proudly wearing a Spatialytics polo during Rendez-Vous OSGeo-Qc in June 2010, the same week of the partnership announcement.